The Divine Presence created me and all that I am.  This Divine Presence created me with Purpose – to be the avenue for the fulfillment of Its Divine Desires.


I now accept the desires within me are these Divine Desires, and have been placed within me so as to move me to fulfill them in this world.  I realize that my recognition, acceptance and expression of these desires fulfills the Divine’s Intentions for creating me.  Therefore, I accept that my desires are worthy, sacred and necessary.


Within me is a desire to connect with my human family; it is the Divine’s Desire to know Its Oneness by means of me.  I live from now with the certain knowledge that I belong!


Within me is a desire to feel in charge of my live.  Since I have been created with the Power to choose my thought, and my thoughts create my world, I now know that I am Power to my world.

Within me is the desire to be happy.  Joy is the Substance from which I am formed, so Joy is my Divine Essence. I now accept Joy guiding me into new ways of being, expressing and living.


Within me is a desire to be cared for and cared about.  The Divine Creator is the Divine Provider.  I now accept from the Source of my very existence the answer to every question, the fulfillment of every need, the inrushing of Support for my every endeavor.


I am One with Life and with All Its Goodness.  All is handled in my world perfectly.  I am grateful this is so.  And so it is.

 Rev. Dr. Karen Kushner