It is written, “I have come that all might have life, and have it more abundantly.” Therefore, I know that the nature of God is an abundant expression of Life.


Because I know that I am one with the Life that is God, I therefore know that I am one with Its infinitely abundant expressions.


And so I affirm that the abundant nature of God is now flowing fully and freely through the faith of my being, and into expression in my life in the form of money, goods, services, ideas, opportunities, and whatever else might be required in order for me to know Life, and to know it more abundantly.


I now release any thought, belief, idea, attitude or suggestion that I might hold which does not conform with the Truth that I have spoken here. Furthermore, I am willing to forgive whoever I need to forgive, in order to reveal a more abundant expression of life.


With an open, gracious and joyous heart, I now accept the overflowing abundance of all that is good in my life, right here and right now!


And so it is.


Rev. Lloyd Strom and Rev. Dr. Marcia Sutton